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Social Research

Social Research

We are passionate about helping organisations measure and evaluate the impacts and outcomes of their programmes, and achieve their social goals.

Typically, our designs are based on close collaboration with our clients, a mixed method, formative approach to obtain a range of perspectives from all relevant audiences and stakeholder groups, and triangulation of data to ensure the information obtained is robust and representative. This is all underpinned by strong ethical protocols.

We are sensitive to the needs of multicultural groups and have strong links into the community to facilitate participation and information gathering. Within our team we have a multi-cultural team of researchers who are involved in our local communities and have many years' experience of research with both 'hard to reach' and general populations.

Our research outputs are highly regarded for being action focused - providing a framework for implementation in a number of areas, for example helping clients determine funding priorities, strategies for better community engagement, strategies for better governance, fine-tuning of programme delivery, clarifying programme goals and better alignment with strategic goals, and staff training needs to name a few.

Some of our specialist methods include:

  • Rapid evidence reviews 
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Key informant interviews
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Workshops
  • Interviews with hard-to-reach audiences
  • Case study data collection
  • Online surveys