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Business Research

Business Research

To successfully conduct business research you need credibility with business respondents and this comes from knowledge of the market - be it large corporate, SME, or government - and representing the client in a manner that is totally professional. We take time to understand your business and its key drivers. Often this can involve half-day immersion workshops and familiarization visits.

We understand that effective business relationships are multi-faceted, and so we are experienced in engaging with people at all levels in an organization from senior decision-makers to influencers and shop floor staff, and others whose opinions are also valued such as key market informants and stakeholders. We handle sensitive information professionally and "red flag" critical issues when appropriate.

Our services include a specialist business-to-business and executive interviewing team, stakeholder engagement surveys, and market and competitor intelligence information gathering.

Our business research experience covers a range of sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverage
  • Financial services
  • Professional services
  • Public Sector
  • Health