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In store Merchandising, POS and Display Evaluations

Merchandising, POS and Evaluations

A major and very successful DIY retailer wanted to understand how customers shop each category they stock in-store. The aim was to make shopping a more enjoyable, efficient experience for customers and at the same time help the retailer to better allocate limited staff resources, ensuring that staff are in the areas they are needed most.

An in-store intercept and observation approach really allowed us to get to grips with how customers behave when shopping a category. Importantly, for each category, we were able to create a purchase decision hierarchy and understand what critical information customers required to help them make an effective product choice. It also allowed us to understand which categories staff were most needed in, to help guide customers and provide the necessary information for them.

The insights from the study had positive implications for merchandising layout, POS/POP, signage, in store communications, and staff training.