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Market Segmentation, Concept Testing and Market Strategy Development

Market Segmentation, Concept Testing...

A large international industrial and consumer services company with a reputation for innovation had a very small share in a potentially lucrative market. Up until then it had developed a mass marketing strategy with little success, and was looking for ways to grow its business through a more targeted marketing approach for a relatively new household product they had developed.

Ignite Research recommended a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research methodology that involved a combination of client workshops, retailer interviews, customer and potential customer focus groups, and an online survey.

We were able to size the opportunity for them, and enable them to set realistic growth targets for specific product variants. Our insights and actionable recommendations helped the client increase its share of the market through identifying relevant market segments, a communications strategy that reached and connected with those segments, a re-design of packaging and point-of-sales material, retailer support strategies, and a new pricing structure that stimulated demand.