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Customer Satisfaction & Performance Feedback

Customer Satisfaction & Performance Feedback

An automotive repair service company with a nationwide network of branches conducts an ongoing customer satisfaction monitor using the Net Promoter Score as its measurement framework. But it had no competitive benchmark in the New Zealand market. The company wished to replicate its customer measurement tool amongst customers of it's key competitors. How could this be done cost effectively, whilst obtaining regular high quality feedback?

Ignite Research accepted the challenge. A system was implemented so that each week we interviewed a sample of car owners in need of the specific repair who had contacted our client company the previous week. They were screened to ensure they had the required work completed elsewhere. The questionnaire includes some carefully constructed questions that provide deeper insight into the recent service experience.

The continuous interviewing allows us to keep a watch over competitor service. Our reports provide the client with ongoing competitor intelligence and performance feedback, and by aligning with their own customer surveys, informs them on the extent to which they have competitive advantage or weakness in key service areas. The insights provide input into staff motivation and training. They inform and guide strategies, standards and processes for business retention and sales conversion.