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Good insight doesn't necessarily need to come from large scale surveys or focus groups. The knowledge and power to make effective decisions can be from just helping you see things a little differently, by challenging your thinking, helping you to focus on what's important to the business and where you want to go, prioritising action plans, disseminating results to the wider organization, or simply extracting that little extra value out of something you've already done.

Even some clear, well-reasoned advice can also save you thousands by helping you make critical go/no go decisions on major projects and guiding you in the most cost effective direction to take.

Our senior team collectively has well over 60 years' practical research and business experience, and we draw upon this experience in providing you with comprehensive and useful advice.

We offer:

  • Design workshops
  • Results action workshops
  • Strategy workshops
  • Key informant interviews
  • Peer review of documents